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Festive Season Hacks

These festive tips for health, fitness and wellness will help maintain your energy at a time of year when we often struggle so you can embrace and enjoy the chaos of the season!



Drinking has a very negative influence on your sleep, so try not to drink to much later in the evening.


We generally run short of sleep at this time of year. A short nap can make all the difference to your energy resources so embrace the post lunch nap


Change your exercise focus to make it more social i.e. a family run before or a long walk after a big lunch. Also remember food and celebration always feels better after you have earned it with a good exercise session!


Feast…and maybe famine? Long story short, integrating a few 16 hour fasting periods could balance your over indulgence quite nicely. In next years’ newsletter we will be featuring some of the science around intermittent fasting, which is probably the most interesting trend in nutrition at the moment.


Have fun and relax with loved ones!