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By viewing the body as a highly interconnected system, the osteopath devises a comprehensive solution to address the root cause of an issue. This global approach produces solutions that are successful and sustainable over time.


Clients come to Beyond Health Osteopathy seeking to:

RESTORE normal function and relieve pain due to injury and surgery, excessive use, prolonged inactivity and lifestyle issues.

TRANSFORM the mechanical function of the body to support sustainable solutions for musculoskeletal health and resilience against future problems.

PERFORM at their best, by safely integrating fitness and other aspects of wellness into an ongoing programme for greater vitality.

Deep rooted in our practice is a caring, informative and plain speaking approach. We translate the underlying cause of your condition exploring the contributing factors that are within your control to influence and change. We seek to provide you with a profound understanding of how your body works and functions.

Our osteopaths begin with a full assessment of the issue. We take a systemic approach, considering not just musculoskeletal health but influences such as lifestyle, sleep, stress, activity level and nutrition. The treatment plan seeks to restore balance and function to the body. Depending on your condition, our osteopaths will consider techniques that may include: spinal manipulation, joint mobilization, myofascial and other soft tissue work, cranial and visceral osteopathy, exercise and education.



“Following a cycling accident which injured my left shoulder, I have been a regular at Beyondhealth. Alex has patiently worked with me to get me back to full fitness. He understood my desire to get back to cycling quickly, but balanced it with some sensible advice for building myself back in achievable stages. This ran in parallel with some exercises from Liz who built a plan to get me back on the road quickly and safely. Having had the misfortune to have a bike accident I was very fortunate to have Alex and Liz from Beyondhealth guide me back to full fitness.”


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