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Over the past few years massage therapy has grown hugely in popularity. Massage is no longer recognised as merely an indulgent, relaxing treat. Researchers are promoting its benefits and healthcare professionals are increasingly recommending massage as a key component within patient treatment plans – as we often do at Beyond Health! We hence thought it…


At Beyond Health we are passionate about women’s health and know how much women put up with when it comes to their pelvic floor. The pelvic floor and it’s ability to function plays a critical role in how we feel about ourselves, our confidence, fitness levels and health and well-being.  We are therefore thrilled that Baz…

festive tips for health, fitness & wellness

These festive tips for health, fitness and wellness will help maintain your energy at a time of year when we often struggle so you can embrace and enjoy the chaos of the season! 2017 will bring the time for a complete health overhaul. And don’t forget, you need to have calories to burn calories! EAT…