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MoRe Method

MoRe Method

The MoRe Method is Beyond Health’s proprietary service which will maximise your performance and give you more energy to get more out of life!

The MoRe Method was born from our passion for the optimum health and energy of our clients coupled with our knowledge of the complex and interrelated systems of the human body which influence musculoskeletal health.


At Beyond Health we know that sustainable musculoskeletal health can only be achieved with an age considered comprehensive balance of optimum exercise, nutrition and recovery.

The MoRe Method employs:

  • expert physiotherapy
  • exercise, recovery & behavioural science
  • medical science
  • scientifically validated, state of the art wearable technology
  • collaboration with like-minded leaders in field
  • the analysis and application of powerful data
  • Beyond Health’s passion for positively influencing our clients health and optimising their energy using natural methods


The More Method Assessments

Depending on what package you feel is right for you, there may be one or more clinical specialists involved in your MoRe Method. One of our expertly trained physiotherapists will be your primary contact and concierge you throughout the process.


Client Profiling

  • Long and short team goal setting
  • Collection of medical, injury and exercise history
  • Current lifestyle analysis (occupational information, family life, general activity, exercise & recovery habits, stress triggers, positive and negative behavioural influences)

Musculoskeletal Health & Movement Screen

  • Mobility and strength analysis to identify issues which will predispose you to injury or impede performance

Psychometric Assessments

  • 3 online psychometric assessments to understanding what makes you tick. This is important for self-awareness and reveals critical information which helps us prepare a solution that will motivate and resonate with you. To coach you into better behaviours we need to know what buttons to push!

Autonomic Nervous System Analysis

  • Collection of data over a 3-5 day period
  • The Firstbeat system measures heart rate and heart rate variability to quantify nervous system responses which enable us to understand and manage (reduce!) your stress levels, improve your recovery function and exercise efficiency

Advance MSK Blood Analysis

  • Broad blood test with additional MSK markers
  • Designed and performed by GP partners Coyne Medical
  • Assess organ and physiological function, and identify any underlying conditions or disease that may be limiting performance

Full Dietary Analysis

  • Complete diet and hydration analysis
  • Optimisation of your diet to make you lean and energised as well as enjoy long term health benefits

runBeyond Assessment

  • Video analysis, specific technique modification, running prescription
  • Reduce injury and improve running efficiency (performance!)

Lactate Threshold Testing

  • Blood lactate testing during increasing exercise demand
  • Establish your lactate threshold and tailored heart rate zones for optimal performance and training

Training Program Analysis

  • Complete review of training and event planning applying most current exercise science
  • Reduce injury and illness to keep you in the game for as long as you have the drive!
  • Achieve personal bests.. and win!

Following the initial assessments each client is delivered their MoRe Method. They are then supported over a 3 month period at the conclusion of which each client is assessed again and any additional follow-up action discussed and initiated. We review at 3 months because it takes this long to truly establish new habits and see physiological change.

No fads, no excuses. Just more wind in your sails!