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At Beyond Health we are passionate about quality movement, functional strength and the delivery of exceptional care during late-phase rehabilitation.

moveBeyond™ is Beyond Health’s proprietary circuit style program. Each hour-long class is led by one of our physiotherapists or osteopaths and is comprised of exercises tailored to each participant’s injury and fitness status. A unique aspect of our program is the physiotherapist’s ability to use hands-on release techniques to facilitate safe and healthy movement. There are a maximum of 5 participants in each class.


The moveBeyond™ experience is ideal for anyone looking to:

RESTORE normal posture and reverse the effects of recurrent and persistent pain and injury, or the impact of a sedentary lifestyle.

TRANSFORM their quality of life by building a foundation of core strength, body awareness and efficient breathing.

PERFORM at their best with the confidence and the capacity to engage fully in any exercise or activity they choose.



moveBeyond™ Pilates merges functional physiotherapy rehabilitation with the most effective pilates techniques and utilises reformers, towers and wunda chairs. The class is built on the principles of mobility, core strength and perfect movement patterns. If you are looking for a class to help you develop postural strength and body awareness, and/or accelerate your return to exercise following injury then this is the class for you.

moveBeyond™ Performance is a more challenging class that utilises the full rehab gym. Many of our clients ‘graduate’ from physiotherapy to moveBeyond™ classes to facilitate the late stage of their rehabilitation when a close eye for detail and progression is still required but not so much as a 1-1 physiotherapy session. This class continues to focus on perfect movement patterns while adding strength, endurance and power challenges. This class is popular with post-surgery clients and those who need to bridge the gap from late-stage rehabilitation to more challenging multi-directional sports.


Class Timetable:

moveBeyond™ Pilates
Monday 19:00
Tuesday 18:30
Wednesday 07:30, 11:00 & 12:00
Thursday 18:30
Friday 12:30
Saturday 09:00
moveBeyond™ Performance
Scheduled depending on clinical demand


If you are interested in understanding more regarding this program please contact the clinic to speak or meet with one of the moveBeyond™ team.



“Anna is quite frankly a superb [moveBeyond™] Pilates teacher. Her sessions are always appropriately challenging, never repetitive and really do help to build a strong, healthy body. Quite aside from the clear physiological benefits, Anna is patient, encouraging, caring and attentive. It’s a real pleasure to attend her classes.”

Ali Nester-Smith

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