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At Beyond Health we appreciate the unique health concerns of women at various stages of life. We’ve developed a targeted set of services to help women successfully address these concerns in the context of their overall wellness.

Our Women’s Health Physiotherapists have exceptional experience in women’s health issues and are passionate about helping patients achieve the greatest balance of optimal physical, emotional and mental health.

Our Women’s Health Clients

Ante Natal
Clients come to us before and during pregnancy for:

  • Advice and guidance about exercise during the different stages of pregnancy
  • The assessment and treatment of:
    • Lower back pain and pelvic girdle pain
    • Weakened pelvic floor muscles, which can lead to problems such as incontinence

Post Natal
After giving birth clients come to us for:

  • ‘Beyond the Bump’:
    • Use of real-time ultrasound and functional tests to investigate in detail the impact of pregnancy and labour on the abdominals, pelvic floor and pelvic stability muscles
    • Advice as to whether any specific treatment is required
    • Review of personal goals and formulation of a safe and progressive plan to achieve results as safely and quickly as possible
  • The assessment and treatment of:
    • Musculoskeletal or pelvic girdle pain
    • Pelvic floor dysfunction
    • Abdominal muscle separation incontinence
    • Pelvic organ prolapse

Clients come to us for the assessment and treatment of:

  • Stress or urge incontinence
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation

These issues can be experienced by women of all ages; from adolescents to those going through or post menopause

Clients also come to our Women’s Health physiotherapists to:

  • Relieve musculoskeletal pain such as lower back pain and pelvic girdle pain
  • Improve posture, core strength and flexibility
  • Recover from mastectomy

Our Approach


Every engagement begins with a private one-hour initial appointment with one of our Women’s Health Specialist Physiotherapists. This meeting includes a detailed history, examination and formulation of a treatment plan, which may involve manual therapy techniques, acupuncture and specific exercises. A tailored moveBeyond programme may be recommended, as well as establishing a series of follow-up sessions.

Our Women’s Health physiotherapists are available to speak to you in confidence should you have any issues you would like to discuss with them.


“Thank you – for the first time in my life I am master of my own bladder.”

“The care I have received has far exceeded any other antenatal care I have had. Clare seemed to really understand my problems and dealt with me with professionalism, patience and a great deal of empathy and understanding. I now feel confident about giving birth.”

“You are the only person who made a significant difference to my recovery from birth I finally understand what is going on and why. Thank you you’ve been amazing.”

“The treatment I received was excellent! It has changed my life post suffering for 15 years and helped me 100%! Thank you thank you!”

“Clare was super knowledgable, supportive and encouraging—she was a big part of the reason why SPD was not as bad in the second pregnancy. Thank you!”

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