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A sporting background of rugby and skiing has not been the kindest to my body and I have a medical file as long as my right arm. I came to Beyond Health after a full PCL reconstruction following a bad tackle in November. The three operations to follow were done by Prof Justin Cobb in London. I was referred to Suzanne Donnelly by him after a number of recommendations from other sportsmen as well as his own.

Sue’s background of working with the All Blacks should be enough to reassure anyone but quite frankly her professionalism is unparalleled. She even strove to get me a second opinion with Andy Williams. I have trawled the rugby physios for 20 years and she is by far the best on the circuit. Her devotion to getting her patients better is fastidious let alone inspirational and I could not have been in better hands after such a depressing injury.

Sue thanks for your patience and for giving me my life back. Beyond Health has been one of those epic life introductions.

— Henry Keighley, keen rugby player – post PCL reconstruction (and the rest!)

Back in 2011 I had the misfortune of tearing my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and my meniscus whilst playing football. Having consulted with my specialist, who is considered to be one of the top surgeons in the UK in this area, he recommended I contact Beyond Health and Joe Lawrence with regards to conditioning my knee pre operation and for the rehabilitation post my surgery.

The work I did pre my operation was invaluable, I went into my operation with my knee in the best condition it could be. My surgery consisted of an ACL reconstruction from my hamstring through keyhole surgery and a repair of my meniscus. I was unfortunate and suffered what is called a cyclops lesion and to compound that the repair of my meniscus didn’t take, which meant I was to have another operation.

The guys from Beyond Health were brilliant during this period which was very tough for me, they offered me all the support I needed and were truly a driving force of why I am where I am today. It wasn’t a straight forward recovery process and I had many setbacks but I always had confidence and trust in what they were advising which gave me drive to push through my rehab.

But it doesn’t end there, as with most people who have been through such and injury, you’re al-ways second guessing the littlest of tweaks and knocks, and the team have continued to offer me the support and advice even months after.

— Marie

Huge thanks to Beyond Health for their commitment and enthusiasm in helping me achieve my fitness goals. Their unique combination of hands-on physiotherapy and rehab sessions is a winning one. I have never come across such a dedicated team before, who really want to help you for the long-term, and not just fix your problems in the short-term. I have really enjoyed my sessions and found their confidence in me inspiring. Thank you for your ongoing support and professionalism.

— Victoria, in her early 40s

As someone who regularly pushes my body to the limit in gruelling endurance challenges, it’s incredibly important to have a physio that understands what I do, and can help me manage training and recovery effectively. After years of being disappointed with various physios, I found Beyond Health. The team are nothing short of amazing. No matter what crazy challenge I come up with next, or how broken I am, I only ever feel unwavering support and help from them. I would say it’s how much they care and their expert advice that really sets them apart. After every single session I feel stronger to cope with the demands of my challenges, I trust in their advice and really value their care. I can’t recommend them enough.

— Sophie Radcliffe, Endurance Athlete and Blogger

I’ve been asked and am more than happy to reflect on the treatment I have received at Beyond Health. As I look back over the last 6 months it has indeed been a team effort & as much a mental recovery as a physical one. I am lucky that Beyond Health, specifically Joe recognized that and have been there every step of the way.

Having sustained a rare split tendon at the front of my ankle along with shredded tendons at the side of my ankles whilst increasing my walking in the wrong footwear, my consultant (Sam Singh) told me I had an 80% chance of surgery. I wanted to avoid this as far as possible and with plans B & C in the wings we embarked on plan A. An extensive course of physio started.

I was determined to avoid the knife & the only option was to trust the experts. It is easy to do this – the team has been a delight. The support has been superb & they gone above and beyond the call of duty. As things got tough & I hit a plateau, Christina mopped me up and set me on the right path again. Joe listened & plans changed; specifically tailored to me as treatment progressed. This was mentally & physically personalised treatment at it’s very best. The last part of the team was Amanda Lau (Podiatrist) whose orthotics have been a revelation.

It’s not been easy. As one thing fixed it threw something else out. But I’ve stuck to the plan. Got up early, changed my routines. Routines that are with me for a healthier life going forward. Who knew I would start running again & lost and sustained weight loss.

I have been lucky enough to find Joe & the team at Beyond Health. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of treatment but one thing is for certain. I have trusted wholly in their advice & guidance, done everything asked of me and cannot be more thrilled to say that I have avoided surgery & have been discharged.

Thank you. Such small words meant whole heartedly.

— Leanne, in her late 30s with rare split tendon in ankle – determined to avoid surgery

I first encountered the guys at BH through the back door of the doctors’ surgery, and I mean literally! Sent by my GP to investigate what I now know was a Morton’s neuroma, they are my go-to team for my various running injuries.
Their teamwork is their USP; a physio session with Sue, Michelle’s dynamic rehab in the studio, followed up with a sports massage Jo, is a winning combination of treatment helping keep me on track and motivated to run again.
Always welcoming from the moment you walk through the door, with just the right balance of expert knowledge and friendly chat, you feel part of their family where everyone is there to support you. In fact, I’d pop in everyday if I could!

— Lauren

Highly recommend the Swan Mews team. They go the extra mile to give you good health care and the receptionists are lovely. Sue is the best physio I have ever had. I felt that she truly cared about my health and did all she could to help me. I have many injuries and she made sure that they were ALL covered in my appointments, as well as at-home exercises. I am now feeling so much better thanks to her work

— Cassie

Over the years I have seen a number of physiotherapists and Sue is by far my favourite. She works really hard on getting you back to doing the things you love and her passion for helping people is evident. She’s tough but it’s for your own good!

— Payal Shah, post ACL reconstruction following a skiing injury

My surgeon referred me to Beyond Health following shoulder surgery for rehabilitation. From my first appointment a full medical history was taken. Followed by a full assessment of my shoulder. Exercises are explained and demonstrated in an easy to understand terms. The work we did together over a number of weeks I regained full movement of my shoulder. I was very happy knowing I was taken care of by a very competent and professional team. I cannot recommend the team highly enough. I recently fractured my wrist, the day after my cast was removed, I attended the clinic, again Paul has taken such care, I have regained full movement.Thank you Beyond Health and Paul.

— Client

It’s no exaggeration to say that Beyond Health has changed my life dramatically for the better… Beyond Health are a really impressive bunch of professionals at every level. Each individual I’ve encountered has a profound understanding of the human body and how it should work, and what prevents it from doing so. They communicate apparently seamlessly with one another, so that one never has to repeat history or problems. They work with each other so that different techniques combine to best effect. And they are extraordinarily friendly and helpful. I would (and do!) recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone suffering structural injury and pain.

— John, 60 years of age

Sue’s treatment for my slipped disc has really improved the problem. After each session I have had real benefits. Sue’s advice on how to think about, and manage, an injury/ailment that affects normal daily activities and life has also been really helpful.

— Gideon Sharp, suffering lumbar disc protrusions and trying to avoid surgery

Paul has been brilliant. I was initially referred by a neurologist to help with headaches but I also had neck and hip problems, plus a variety of other odd aches and pains. Paul was the first person to see them as fundamentally linked muscle imbalances. On his recommendation, a scan showed that I have an extra pair of ribs causing thoracic outlet syndrome which may well explain my array of symptoms. I’ve really appreciated his enquiring mind and patience, not to mention the highly ef-fective manual therapy, and good humour! Alongside this, I’ve had rehabilitative sessions with the team upstairs – it’s interesting and useful to have another perspective and the exercises have always complimented the work with Paul. A great team.

— Georgia

Alex Fugallo has been my osteopath for the past twelve months and has been treating me for back and neck pain. I have four Alex to be very professional, caring and effective and I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

— Paula

I have been with Cycy for the last 6 months, and would not be able to walk as well or as quick as I have been able to from my open knee surgery. She is extremely knowledgeable, caring and committed to helping me get to the best state that I could possibly be. I have not met someone as passionate or as dedicated to being the best they can in their profession for a long time, and it is so refreshing to see that in a person.

Yussuf El-Miniawi, seeing Cycy regularly for management of PVNS (inflammation and overgrowth of the joint lining)

I have suffered from chronic back pain for a number of years. During this period I tried osteopathy, acupuncture, regular physiotherapy and steroid injections in my discs and whilst some of these treatments were providing short term fixes, none of them were working in the long term.

Three months ago my former physiotherapist referred me to Michelle to have physiotherapy involving reformer pilates. I arrived for my first class with no confidence in my ability whatsoever and was suffering from pain every day, including some days where I couldn’t get out of bed. After seeing her every week for four of five weeks, I started to notice a significant difference in my pain level and my confidence soared. I continued treatment for another eight weeks, and the treatment has turned my life around.

I now notice when my back hurts, as opposed to when it doesn’t! I have finally found a long term solution to my problem as opposed to a short term fix. I have started exercising 3 times a week (having previously not been able to do any exercise whatsoever) and know I would not be able to do this without Michelle’s treatment. The sessions are immensely enjoyable (imperative for me who is incredibly lazy at doing my exercises) and challenging. In fact, I enjoy them so much that I’ve just signed up to a 10 week course of moveBeyond classes with Michelle!

— Lucy, 29 – now exercising 3 x a week having suffered chronic back pain for years

Matt is a lot more than a personal trainer. He initially got my personal fitness levels beyond where they had been in the previous 20 years and then working with physios and rehab specialists in Beyond Health has enabled me to maintain my fitness and lifestyle though 2 debilitating shoulder operations and a major illness.

Over the last 10 years Matt has continually adapted my training programs to reflect the changes in my life, through periods of intense stress at work, a desire to improve my performance in other sports or injuries. When appropriate, he’s worked closely with Beyond Health physios and rehab specialists, so that I’ve felt like I’ve had a team supporting me.

— Ashok

The care I have received has far exceeded any other antenatal care I have had. Clare seemed to really understand my problems and dealt with me with professionalism, patience and a great deal of empathy and understanding. I now feel confident about giving birth.

Thank you – for the first time in my life I am master of my own bladder.

You are the only person who made a significant difference to my recovery from birth. I finally understand what is going on and why. Thank you you’ve been amazing.

The treatment I received was excellent! It has changed my life post suffering for 15 years and helped me 100%! Thank you thank you!

Clare was super knowledgable, supportive and encouraging – she was a big part of the reason why SPD was not as bad in the second pregnancy. Thank you!

The service Clare provided was fantastic all round. Very personal and individual – I felt fully involved in my treatments. She took the time to listen, put my interests first and concentrated treatment on the issues most bothersome to me.

The physiotherapist, Clare was super – she addressed each and every concern I had. Very knowledgable, understanding, clear, friendly and approachable. Everything explained well. I had full confidence at all times.

Sue Donnelly took me on as a patient at 3 months pregnant – I had a bad stabbing pain in my lower back that was getting worse and even stopped me walking at times. Another physio had advised that it was simply pelvic girdle pain and that it would probably stay with me for the rest of the pregnancy. However, in five sessions, Sue managed to transform me! She did a full diagnostic session and diagnosed SIJ pain due to the pregnancy. She then worked on both sides of my back to ensure that the muscles released in the entire area instead of focussing simply on the one side – something that no other physio has done in the past, and an extremely effective technique. I am now five months pregnant and swimming, cycling and walking with no pain – something that I am incredibly grateful for! I would recommend Sue without hesitation to anyone: I found her practical, helpful and seriously efficacious!

— Karen Archer, very sporty pregnant woman with severe back pain limiting all activities

I am so pleased that I was referred to physiotherapy instead of immediately going down the surgery route. I have learnt so much and I am much more in control. Treatment felt personal and holistic – about me as a person not just a pelvic floor.

I was treated with great professionalism, empathy, consideration and skill. My initial fears were addressed completely and I have a good understanding of my condition and how to manage it.

I had complete confidence in Clare. She always listened and I always felt I was getting the best advice for me. Treatment was explained to me in a way I understood, at my pace and I felt comfortable to discuss all issues, however sensitive.