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Sudoko vs Sprints

Sudoku vs Sprints Exercise… for the brain? We all know that exercise benefits your heart, lungs and muscles. What many of us aren’t aware of is that exercise has been linked to improvements in cognitive function, memory and learning, productivity, creativity, emotional resilience and improved mood. By considering what is happening in the brain when […]


The skinny on burning fat and why the same recipe doesn’t apply to all. Ask a bunch of gym goers what the best exercise is for burning fat, and you’re quite likely to receive conflicting answers. Ask the same question to a group of gym instructors and you may end up equally as confused. Answers […]

festive tips for health, fitness & wellness

These festive tips for health, fitness and wellness will help maintain your energy at a time of year when we often struggle so you can embrace and enjoy the chaos of the season! 2017 will bring the time for a complete health overhaul. And don’t forget, you need to have calories to burn calories! EAT […]