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Beyond Health Location In Parsons Green

Parsons Green

3rd Floor Brigade House
8 Parsons Green

Beyond Health Location in Queens Park

Queens Park

2nd Floor
105-109 Salusbury Road

Leaders in physiotherapy, osteopathy and clinical exercise

We are dedicated to transforming your health.

Beyond Health is a West London physiotherapy clinic, home to an experienced, respected and passionate team that is dedicated to providing top quality care for our clients.

Whether you are injured and in pain, a mother wanting to return to exercise or an athlete looking to improve your performance, it is what matters to you that is our primary focus.

Our physiotherapists, osteopaths, sports massage therapists and clinical exercise specialists will work together to achieve your goals.

Our London physiotherapy clinic offers an array of services and expertise, with specialisms including injury rehabilitation, musculoskeletal health, sports medicine, movement dysfunctions, osteopathic technique, pelvic health, clinical Pilates, fitness and coaching.

Our team members pride themselves on their knowledge, experience and commitment to exceptional clinical outcomes, meaning they are qualified to deliver innovative, personalised treatments. This puts Beyond Health at the leading edge of best practice.
At our physiotherapy clinic you can expect a caring, client-centred, evidence-based approach.

restore > transform > perform

Physiotherapy Parsons Green


restore > transform > perform

Beyond Health Location

Parsons Green

3rd Floor Brigade House
8 Parsons Green

Dedicated to helping the Parsons Green community recover from injury and acheive their goals since 2010.

Physiotherapy - Osteopathy - Pelvic Health - Clinical Pilates - Clinical S&C - Biomech Screening - Sports Massage - Shockwave Therapy - Podiatry

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Beyond Health Location

Queens Park

2nd Floor
105-109 Salusbury Road

Proud and excited to be bringing world-class injury and rehabilitation expertise to Queens Park from January 2024!

Physiotherapy - Osteopathy - Pelvic Health - Clinical Pilates - Clinical S&C - Biomech Screening - Sports Massage - Shockwave Therapy

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Your pathway to recovery, transformed health and peak performance.


optimal function

Get fast and effective relief from pain and start moving correctly.


the way your body moves & functions

Build long-term resilience by correcting and enhancing the way your body moves.


beyond your expectations

Have more energy and get more out of life!

Client Success Stories

Jeremy W

With a fairly chequered history of injuries throughout my sporting life, from a vertebrae fusion to several knee reconstructions and a smattering of muscle and ligament issues for good measure, I have seen my fair share of physio clinics. What became instantly clear was the high level of professionalism and in depth knowledge the employees of Beyond Health possessed. It was obvious from the very beginning that they were in a class of their own. With only 4.5 months to go before competing in an Ironman, I was desperate to get on top of my calf issues and get my body into some form of condition to at least finish the race. Without the team there would be absolutely no way I would have crossed the finish line.



Alex Fugallo has been my osteopath for twelve months and has been treating me for back and neck pain. Alex has been very professional, caring and effective and I would have no hesitation in recommending him.



My teenage daughter is a regular at Beyond Health. For the past year she has been receiving outstanding care from the team at BH. We were looking for a clinic that had expertise in working with high performing athletes. A year into her journey to full recovery I can’t emphasise enough the care, knowledge and passion that went into her treatment. I would highly recommend the clinic for its cutting edge treatment approach but also for the compassion, enthusiasm and commitment we received.

moveBeyond™ Clinical S&C

moveBeyond Clinical Strength and Conditioning


Sara is the best!! I have seen her twice now and look forward to seeing her every 6 weeks or so from now on! Highly recommend to everyone!

Therapeutic Massage

Michael Muress

I had a running assessment with James to help identify where I have imbalances and what areas I need to focus on. He has provided me a strength and conditioning programme that is tailored to my weaknesses, whilst also making sure it fits in with my currently training plan. Been a fantastic service so far and he has been a great resource to help ensure I get to my race in this summer injury free.

runBeyond™ Coaching


I started with Faye Burge after a smooth handover post my rehab work done with other team members. Faye did a comprehensive assessment, worked with me to define my goals and has developed a plan I can do at home to complement work at BH. Despite having done Pilates for almost 20 years I am learning a lot. She pays close attention to details and varies the exercises regularly. Faye is extremely professional and a pleasure to work with.

moveBeyond™ Clinical Pilates

M Seymour Rehab M Seymour

I have been working with Marcus at Beyond Health for the last 4 months or so since being diagnosed with a stress fracture of the knee. He has taken the time to look at things holistically to identify and address all of the potential causes of the original injury, not just the more obvious ones. He has considered not just the usual biomechanical elements, but also training loads, bone health, nutrition and sleep as well. All of these elements have since been built into the rehab programme, which he has tailored to my specific needs, training style and feedback.

Biomechanical Movement Screen

M Seymour Rehab

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is process of rehabilitation.

Everyone’s experience of physiotherapy will be different, depending on the nature of their injury, their goals and their motivation.

The essential steps of physiotherapy include: a diagnosis of the injury/problem; restoration of movement; a course of manual therapy; and a regime of exercises and stretches.

At Beyond Health, what is physiotherapy? It is much more…

We will recommend:

  • > an individual plan of rehabilitation;
  • > an insight into your particular lifestyle factors;
  • > evaluation of your physical potential leading to a comprehensive understanding of your body’s strengths and weaknesses;
  • > a holistic approach to your movement and rehab;
  • > ;a multidisciplinary team approach – a collaboration of physiotherapy clinical specialists;
  • > and expert support during your recovery.

What does physiotherapy do?

Instead, you might ask "What does physiotherapy do for me?"

You can expect your first visit to our West London physiotherapy clinic to start you on a journey/process. Diagnosis will be our first priority. Once we have identified your injury, we will devise a treatment programme that aligns with the latest medical research and uses the most up-to-date techniques.

In line with our RESTORE > TRANSFORM > PERFORM ethos, we will create an individualised recovery plan that will take account of your daily activities and your aims, and create progress milestones tailored for you.

In short, what does physiotherapy do? It reduces pain, restores movement, identifies your particular lifestyle factors, increases strength and balance, restores confidence and then improves performance.

On your rehabilitation journey with the Beyond Health team, you will see what physiotherapy can do for your wellbeing — see how it restores confidence in your body’s abilities — and what physiotherapy does for your physical or athletic performance.

restore > transform > perform

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