Get to the root of your injury once and for all.

Get to the root of your injury once and for all.


We have developed a unique Biomechanical Screen to ensure you recover efficiently, develop ultimate injury resilience and achieve optimum physical health.


The screen entails an extensive physical assessment that incorporates state of the art ForceFrame and ForceDecks testing equipment. Once it’s completed, you can expect:

  • A diagnostic report that explains the factors contributing to your injury or compromised performance.
  • An individualised programme to help to transform your flexibility, strength and movement.
  • To move with confidence in the absence of pain!

Beyond Health Biomechanical Screens are led by our physiotherapists, who specialise in rehabilitation and clinical exercise. They take place in the rehabilitation spaces in Beyond Health Parsons Green and Beyond Health Queen’s Park, and last for one hour.


Read more about our Biomechanical Screen here or get in touch or call the clinic to speak to or book an appointment with a physiotherapist.