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Beyond Health Biomechanical Screen – everything you need to know

Beyond Health Biomechanical Screen – everything you need to know

What is a Beyond Health Biomechanical Screen?

Following manual therapy and treatments for fast pain relief, our physiotherapists are committed to providing you with an accurate diagnosis and getting to the root of your injury once and for all.

To achieve this, we have developed a unique Biomechanical Screen that merges several internationally regarded movement screens and utilizes state-of-the-art strength testing equipment.

The Beyond Health Biomechanical Screen is performed by our physiotherapists, who specialise in rehabilitation and clinical exercise. They take place in the rehabilitation spaces of the Parsons Green and Queen’s Park clinics and last for one hour.

The Biomechanical Screen is adapted to each person’s needs and includes physical tests that are appropriate to your level of function, injury history and personal goals. It includes functional tests, such as balance assessments, squats, jumping variations and isometric (strength) muscle testing. These are carried out on VALD ForceFrame and ForceDecks, cutting-edge strength diagnostic testing equipment that is regularly used in elite sports.

Why should I have a Biomechanical Screen?

Research shows that a prescriptive exercise-based rehab plan is key to long-term recovery and a Biomechanical Screen is the most effective way of devising such a plan.

The Biomechanical Screen allows us to analyse how you move and identify issues in your flexibility, strength and movement quality that could increase the risk of injury, hinder your performance and prevent you from achieving your goals.

Furthermore, this information allows us to develop a targeted rehab programme to transform your flexibility and strength, allowing you to move with more confidence and perform at your best.

The data obtained from the Biomechanical Screen lets us set realistic and measurable targets to incorporate into your rehabilitation plan. We use this data to monitor your training and progression, make changes as needed and keep you motivated – and we can test and test again until you surpass your goals.

The Screen is key to an efficient recovery, developing ultimate injury resilience and achieving optimum physical health.

When should I have a Biomechanical Screen?

This screen is vital to your progression, and the timing of it is crucial. When you are in pain, your movement patterns change to accommodate the discomfort. For example, when you have back problems, you may experience muscle spasms that stop you from moving freely, forcing you to change how you move to relieve the pain.

We, therefore, wait until your injury is under control and you are moving ‘normally’ before performing this assessment. This assessment can help us understand the severity of your injury and create an appropriate rehab programme that will get you back skiing, running, cycling or walking in a safe and lasting way.

The Biomechanical Screen is not just for the injured! It is also an invaluable tool for those who would like to return to running or a sport they haven’t taken part in for some time. We have a specific screen for women returning to running after having a baby and we often provide the results of the Screen results with the exercise professionals our clients are working with to ensure they avoid injury, work on areas of need and achieve the best results possible.

What equipment is used?

We use a combination of force plates and force sensors to assess your strengths and movement patterns.

ForceDecks: A set of force plates measure forces exerted onto the ground by a person as they perform a movement or exercise, much like a set of bathroom scales. ForcePlates measure strength and physical capacity with great accuracy and they also allow us to assess force, balance and symmetry in squats, jumping and hopping.

ForceFrame: A machine that measures force produced by different muscle groups in various positions. ForceFrame replaces the need for clients to push into a physiotherapist’s hand, so the physio can estimate the different strengths of someone’s left and right sides. Instead, the ForceFrame gives the exact force (measured in Newtons), so any deficits in strength can be accurately recorded.

Using equipment like this makes our objective testing far more accurate and reliable than traditional assessments. A wide range of scientific research confirms ForceFrame and ForceDecks as the gold standard of strength and objective performance testing.

Biomechanical Screen: The results

After the Biomechanical Screen is completed, you will receive a diagnostic report that explains the factors contributing to your injury or compromised performance.

We will provide feedback on the next best steps for building strength and power, improving function and achieving your goals. This can include writing a structured strength and conditioning or Pilates training program which will put you on the pathway to transform your strength and perform at your best.

The Biomechanical Screen really is the key to developing ultimate injury resilience and optimum physical health. This often represents a critical turning point in our clients’ physical health. Being involved in this transformation brings us incredible satisfaction, and is empowering and motivating for our clients.

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