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Carrying and delivering a baby is no mean feat and has a significant impact on a mother’s body. It is also not uncommon for new mothers to feel really anxious about what has happened to their body as a consequence of pregnancy and childbirth. Understanding exactly how your body is healing and recovering is critical for Women’s Health Physiotherapists from a clinical…


At Beyond Health we are passionate about women’s health and know how much women put up with when it comes to their pelvic floor. The Pelvic Floor Workshop is an ideal introduction for any woman interested in finding out more about her pelvic floor and core – and what is required to ensure your pelvic…

MoRE method

  The low down on heart rate variability. A critical component of Beyond Health’s new proprietary service the MoRe Method is the analysis of heart rate variability using Firstbeat technology. It is widely understood that heart rate measures beats per minute and that generally a low heart rate indicates rest, while a high heart rate corresponds with…