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Sudoko vs Sprints

Sudoku vs Sprints Exercise… for the brain? We all know that exercise benefits your heart, lungs and muscles. What many of us aren’t aware of is that exercise has been linked to improvements in cognitive function, memory and learning, productivity, creativity, emotional resilience and improved mood. By considering what is happening in the brain when […]

MoRE method

  The low down on heart rate variability. A critical component of Beyond Health’s new proprietary service the MoRe Method is the analysis of heart rate variability using Firstbeat technology. It is widely understood that heart rate measures beats per minute and that generally a low heart rate indicates rest, while a high heart rate corresponds with […]


Vitamin C

blueberries for vitamin c

Vitamin C. Can it really help you recover from injury? You may have heard that vitamin C can be helpful in preventing and/or healing injuries. But is this true or even possible? Vitamin C boosts the immune system so it may play a role in reducing inflammation after injury. It also helps to build collagen – […]