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Five exercises to beat lower back pain

Five exercises to beat lower back pain

Sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but the majority of people reading this blog will suffer from lower back pain (LBP) at some point in their lives. The main reason for this is that we all spend so much time sitting down – and sitting is the primary cause of a painful condition that can compromise quality of life in many different ways.

Whether it’s lower left back pain, lower right back pain or pain across the lower back, LBP is the most common injury we see at the Beyond Health clinic here in Parsons Green, London, but thankfully there are steps that you can take to guard against it. Our clinical manager and physio Alex Mason has put together a guide to five straightforward exercises to get you going.

Rather than directly targeting the back, these exercises focus on strengthening the core (ie. abs and glutes) and pelvis. By building strength in these supporting areas, pressure on the lower back will be offloaded, stability will be increased and posture will be improved. You can get started with these exercises straight away, either in the gym or at home. Head over to our Instagram to see how to preform these exercises!

  1. Bridge

Focus: Gluteal strength

Improves strength and endurance of the gluteal muscles to offload and provide more stability for the lower back. This exercise also improves your segmental control through the joints of the lower spine.


  1. Spilt Squat

Focus: Gluteal strength

Great exercise to improve gluteal strength in a functional, weight-bearing manner. This technique does not require any ‘hinging’ of the spine or hips, and as a result is a great starting point for functional strength.


  1. High Plank

Focus: Abdominal strength

Improves core strength without putting undue stress on the lower back due to its ‘isometric’ nature. Make sure to keeps the hips high and don’t allow your spine to arch toward the floor.


  1. Bird Dog

Focus: Pelvic stability/neutral spine control

This is an excellent exercise to improve your ability to stabilise the lower back while performing arm/leg movement. Maintain stability of the lower spine during dynamic movement is crucial for preventing recurrence of lower back pain.


  1. Side Plank

Focus: Abdominal and gluteal strength

Another key exercise for core strength that has the added benefit of low load on the lower back. This technique targets the oblique abdominal muscles effectively.


For a comprehensive guide to lower back pain, including everything you need to know about symptoms, causes and treatment, go here 

Lower back pain treatment

Whether you are suffering from minor discomfort or severe lower back pain, get in touch with us to arrange an assessment at our clinic in Parsons Green.