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Five knee-strengthening exercises for skiers

Five knee-strengthening exercises for skiers
Skiing is one of the most physically demanding sports you can do, with the knees bearing the brunt of it as you fly down the slopes. Therefore it’s no surprise that knee ligament injuries caused by skiing are one of the most common problems we have to deal with at our Beyond Health clinics in Parsons Green and Queen’s Park.
To stop yourself from becoming another skiing casualty, build up the strength in your knees ahead of your next trip by incorporating the following exercises into your routine. You’ll not only strengthen key muscles used in skiing but also improve your overall agility, stability and control on the slopes. Your risk of injury will be reduced and your performance will be enhanced, allowing you to ski with more confidence and skill across a variety of conditions.

Beyond Health physio Marcus Mangan talks you through the exercises, while his colleague Aarie Verwey ably demonstrates them.

Side Plank

When you do side planks, you’re strengthening the muscles along your sides and core. This extra core strength helps you stay more stable while skiing, especially when you’re turning or going over uneven terrain. With better stability, you’re less likely to lose your balance and take a tumble, reducing the risk of injury.

Ankle Dorsiflexion 

Ankle dorsiflexion exercises involve moving your foot upward toward your shin, improving your ankle flexibility. This flexibility is crucial for adapting to the bumps and changes in slope you encounter while skiing. When your ankles can move freely, you’re less likely to get caught off guard by sudden shifts in terrain, reducing the chances of sprains or twists.

Split Squat 

Split squats are fantastic for building strength in each leg individually. Skiing requires a lot of balance and control, and having evenly strong legs helps maintain that control. When your legs are strong and balanced, you’re less likely to strain muscles or injure your knees, especially when making sharp turns or absorbing shocks from jumps or bumps.

Adductor Strengthening

Your inner thigh muscles (adductors) play a big role in keeping your knees in line and stable while skiing. Strengthening these muscles reduces the risk of your knees collapsing inward during turns, which can lead to injuries like sprains or tears. By targeting your adductors, you’re reinforcing the stability of your entire lower body while skiing.

Speed Skaters 

Speed skaters are dynamic exercises that improve your agility and lateral movement. These skills are invaluable on the slopes, where you often need to make quick adjustments to avoid obstacles or navigate tricky terrain. By enhancing your agility and lateral movement, you’re better equipped to react swiftly to changes in the terrain, reducing the likelihood of collisions or falls.


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