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Roll, Roll, Roll Your Butt… What is foam rolling all about?

Roll, Roll, Roll Your Butt… What is foam rolling all about?

You may have noticed that of late there has been a surge in the use of foam rollers in the fitness industry. The once unusual looking tubes of foam sometimes present in the corner of physiotherapy clinics are now available in all shapes and sizes and are common place in clinical settings as well as gyms, yoga studios and homes.

Why all the fuss?

The phenomenon of foam rolling is primarily due to an increasing clinical understanding of the relationship between mobility and strength.

So what do foam rollers actually do?

Because foam rollers are a relatively new there isn’t fabulous science to support the efficacy of foam rolling. Theoretically foam rolling does the following:
• Releases tension in the fascia (connective tissue), muscles and nervous system to further reduce muscle tension/tightness, increase flexibility and in improve short-term athletic performance
• Increases blood flow to aid performance and recovery
• Reduces delayed on set muscles soreness (DOMS) i.e. post exercise soreness

When is foam rolling typically used?

Foam rolling is typically used during warm-up (to prepare the person for physical activity) and in cool-down routines (to reduce the effects of DOMS and promote recovery).

Who should foam roll?

We believe everyone would benefit from including foam rolling in their daily routine! Of particular benefit would be people who are tight/build tension in their muscles from poor posture and work demands and those who are physically active.

When not to foam roll?

You should not foam roll if you are suffering from any of the following:
• Acute injury
• Swelling
• Skin irritability or open wound
• If you are susceptible to bruising

How much is enough or too much?

This is a trickier point and is a very individual thing that may require adjustment over time.

The Beyond Health clinical team are best placed help build you a mobility and release routine that is suitable for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to understand more.


-Tessa Williams & Joseph Lawrence