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moveBeyond Pilates. Have it. Control it. Strengthen it!

moveBeyond Pilates. Have it. Control it. Strengthen it!

Most people fall in to a pilates class because they have been told by someone (a friend, a therapist, a consultant) that it will do them some good to get “better core stability”. They are right. Your core stability will improve when you participate in pilates. But that is by no means the end of the story. Anna Wylie (Beyond Health osteopath and moveBeyondTM Pilates instructor) explains why.


The moveBeyondTM Pilates classes have a motto: HAVE IT. CONTROL IT. STRENGTHEN IT.


The human body is capable of a wide range of movements. Each joint has a normal range of movement which is measured in degrees. This normal range of movement can become impaired if the supporting structures (i.e. muscles and ligaments) are not functioning how they should. This may be due to an injury e.g. ankle sprain or postural habits, which cause tight muscles.

Like most things when it comes to our bodies each individual is unique and the normal range of motion will differ hugely.

Imagine a car which cannot turn more than a few degrees left or right because it’s tracking isn’t quite right. Would you be happy to go race at Silverstone and thrash it around the corners? The answer is probably ‘No’. The car may need a quick trip to the garage, a little oil or support in correcting the alignment. Turning the circle is then good to go.

The osteopaths and physiotherapists at Beyond Health are qualified and have the expertise to assess joints and check for any restrictions so as to provide you with the needed ‘oil’ to get your range back to normal. Once you have attained the range that’s right for you, then you can safely move on to the next stage. In our moveBeyondTM Pilates classes we ensure that we encourage good joint movement by incorporating stretching and articulation movements all to make sure you HAVE IT!


Once you have it you need to be able to control it.

Historically pilates was called contrology because the exercises are aimed towards fine tuning muscle activity to control joint movement – making you more efficient and less likely to stress structures such as joints. This is really important for recovery from injury and also to prevent injury in the future.
Did you know that professional rugby players are now doing pilates as part of their training? Yes, the big muscle men and women spend time on the mat or the reformer learning proper control of their joints.

Contrary to popular belief pilates is not just for middle aged women with low back pain! Pilates is for all ages and at Beyond Health we especially believe in encouraging adolescents to engage in pilates. Why? If we can gain the control and good movement patterns at a young age when growing is at its peak then we can prevent potential injuries. These injuries may not show their ugly heads until they are much older but sporty adolescents can ask a lot from their bodies. We should make sure they are able to control them.


So now you have the range, you can control the range let’s get to strengthening it. In pilates there are many ways to increase the resistance and load to help you strengthen your body. This is done in a safe way ensuring good control. We are able to target muscle groups that may need some extra attention whilst keeping the focus to the whole body.


The benefits of pilates go well beyond the core. Pilates is about the whole body having good range, good control and good strength. And this is why moveBeyondTM Pilates is such a critical component of the Beyond Health service offering.

Don’t be mistaken, pilates is not for the faint hearted. We work our clients hard to develop good movement patterns. We want our patients to be able to do what they enjoy, achieve their goals and have confidence in their bodies!

For more information about moveBeyondTM  don’t hesitate to contact the clinic. Class prices can also be viewed on our Pricing List.

*charge for 1:1 introductory session redeemable against 10 x moveBeyondTM class package if purchased on the same day