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Our team’s health and fitness goals for 2024

Our team’s health and fitness goals for 2024

Beyond Health’s expert physios offer inspiration for getting fit – and staying fit – in the year ahead

Many of us will have started the year with ambitious fitness resolutions and the best of intentions, but keeping it going can be a tough ask. Working towards a specific target or event can be a great way of keeping you on track, so here our Beyond Health Queen’s Park and LETO team share how they’re planning on smashing it in 2024. Read on for everything you need to know about marathon preparation, Zone 2 training, Hyrox workouts and more…

Yasmin Milne, physiotherapist

I am doing my first Hyrox solo in April, so from January I begin training with a coach to work towards achieving my desired goal at the event. I have only done Hyrox doubles before, so doing it solo is going to be a challenge, but one I’m looking forward to. I’m fortunate that running is a strength for me, however exercises such as the Sled Pull and Wall Balls are what I need to focus on as I am not as strong in these stations. After completing a solo Hyrox, I aim to complete a woman’s doubles and mixed doubles later this year with a couple of different friends which will be good fun to do!

Joe Lawrence, physiotherapist and managing director

I am working around several injuries (mainly a painful toe, which limits my running), but in essence, I aim for six training sessions a week and implement as much science as possible to make them effective and time efficient. Training is like a sport for me – my motivation for it is always high and my routine forms the basis of a successful week. I find good exercise habits result in good food choices and better sleep. This combination allows me to be at my best at work and home.

150-200 minutes, zone 2 training: I get some low-intensity exercise in when biking to and from work during the week. I love killing two birds with one stone!

High-intensity cardio/metabolic training, x2 per week: I’ll do sessions involving an assault bike, walking kettlebell lunges and burpees. This is time efficient and doesn’t hurt my toe.

Body weight training, x2 per week: This entails pull-ups, press-ups and core-strengthening exercises. I’m looking forward to being able to do this outside in the sun!

Resistance training, x2 per week: This training features alternate low reps/heavy weights with high reps/lighter weights. The aim is strength, not bulk. Critically, as a male this type of exercise stimulates testosterone, which naturally depletes as we age.

Exposure: After resistance training, I’ll spend time in a sauna to optimise the training effect as it will boost growth hormone production.

This year, as I’m aware that I’m losing some of my flexibility with age and suffering an increasing number of injury niggles, I will be adjusting my programme to include some Pilates or strength/control-based yoga.

Rosie Peters, LETO practitioner

I’m running the Seville marathon in February and am hoping to get a personal best. I’m following a training plan that combines a combination of easy and harder runs alongside some strength and conditioning work. Following a tailor-made plan from my physio has been great to hold me accountable and get me out in the cold, wet winter evenings. They’ve also made me realise that I can go faster than I thought! Often all it takes is someone believing in you. Remember, you are stronger than you think! I love the feeling of getting stronger and fitter as the weeks go by, and the sense of achievement when crossing the finish line.

Marcus Mangan, physiotherapist

Over the coming three months, I will focus on building my physical strength to compete at Hyrox events. These events require weighted lunges, burpee broad jumps, pushing and pulling of heavy sleds, to name a few. However, my training will consist of building overall strength to develop the physical capacity to perform these specific challenges. I can get much better at lunges, sled pushes/pulls by building my overall strength profile.

Secondly, due to an issue with my pelvis, I cannot run often, so concurrently, I will focus on ‘off-feet conditioning’ such as rowing, SkiErg, spinning and assault bike sessions to build my aerobic capacity while allowing my pelvic issue to heal. This approach ensures I can still progress my strength and fitness levels without delaying the healing process. I take the same approach with the clients that I work with.

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