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runBeyond™ – First 5km Running Plan

runBeyond™ – First 5km Running Plan

Are you planning on giving running a proper go for the first time? Or do you want to get back out on the road following an injury that stopped you in your tracks? Setting 5km as a running target is a great way to focus your training and you’ll enjoy a wonderful sense of achievement when you run that distance for the first time (or for the first time in a long time!).

Running 5km is not something to be done on a couple of days’ notice, so we’ve put together a programme to get you up to speed in a safe but concerted way. This two-month regime requires you to be able to perform 30 minutes of low impact exercise (LIE) before you start. It mixes walking and running and HIIT training, plus the low impact exercises you enjoy, whether that’s cycling, swimming, cross training or something else. You’ll build up your strength, stamina and speed – and enjoy a couple of rest days each week, too!

Whether you’re planning on becoming a regular Park Run participant or this is just a step on your journey to longer distances, follow Beyond Health’s programme and you’ll soon be running 5km in under 35 minutes without even thinking about it.

Warm Up

Walk 1 min, walk fast 2 min, if you have previously identified problem areas mobilise and/or preactivate as instructed.

The Plan:

Cool Down

Walk 5 minutes, mobilise/offload (stretch and foam roll) muscle groups which tend to get tight particularly any previously identified problem areas.

The varied types of training in this program highlights our strong belief that cross-training, strength &conditioning and mobility is critical to successful and sustained running. Together these will improve your resilience to injury, running performance and ensure you achieve a balanced exercise profile.

Important Considerations

Good luck and enjoy developing one of the best habits of your life! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions