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Whether you want to relieve pain and restore function, transform your musculoskeletal health or strengthen your body for top performance, Beyond Health is here to help.

While we are experts in relieving your pain and restoring your movement and function, we take our patients beyond by focusing on lasting solutions. We empower you with knowledge and provide the services required to ensure you build a strong and lasting musculoskeletal health foundation.

We combine the latest science with deep clinical experience and a caring team to help you perform at your very best!

We take great pride in our unique range of niche services and state of the art facilities which address the widest of musculoskeletal health needs.



Beyond Health is home to some of the most trusted and respected teams of physiotherapists in London. Our physiotherapists combine world-class training with advanced clinical experience and a compassionate concern for clients. 



Our osteopathic treatment seeks to address the underlying cause of a patient’s symptoms. Using our vast clinical experience and a comprehensive range of techniques we find a holistic solution to your problem.



Whether you are looking to ease tension, relax fatigued muscles, or enhance recovery from injuries, our Beyond Health massage team will hit the spot. Our ISRM-accredited therapists have the highest level of training in the UK.



Running is a core component to many musculoskeletal health regimes, therefore it is worthwhile investment to develop a running style that works for your body. Whether you are a beginner or a competitive runner we use the latest in running science to help you develop and enhance your technique. runBeyond is affiliated with The Running Clinic


Personal Training

With some of the most highly regarded personal trainers in the UK, our team works closely with your therapists to transform your body’s capacity to achieve your goals.



moveBeyond™ Pilates and moveBeyond™ Performance are Beyond Health’s proprietary circuit style classes based on quality movement, functional strength and the delivery of exceptional care during late-phase rehabilitation. Each hour-long class is led by one of our physiotherapists or osteopaths and is comprised of exercises tailored to each participant’s injury, goals and fitness status. 



A custom-designed and science led nutrition plan will not only help you feel great today, but it will be one of the main predictors of a healthier tomorrow. Our approach supports you with great eating habits that become an integral part of your lifestyle.


Women’s Health

Our multidisciplinary Women’s Health team is passionate about promoting overall wellness for women. The team is committed to helping patients at various stages of life including pre and post natal as well as during and after menopause.