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Serving Up The Aces with Beyond Health

Serving Up The Aces with Beyond Health

#RestoreTransformPerform – Amelia Lowe’s Story with Beyond Health

Amelia Lowe first came to Beyond Health in April 2014 having suffered shoulder pain since late 2013 which prevented her from playing the sport she loved – tennis.

“I love the escape tennis provides. The competition, exercise, time on court and social aspect is the balance to my busy days working and taking care of my family.  When you find you can’t do something you love, you realise how important it is. I was feeling depressed and fed up!”

Amelia had endured a long and unsuccessful journey of GP, consultant and physiotherapy visits with little to no improvement. She was understandably disillusioned and upset. It was clear that exercise – tennis in particular – was crucial to her total balance and this injury was really impacting her life.

“Just when I thought I was fighting a losing battle, my specialist referred me to Beyond Health. As soon as I walked into the clinic I knew I was in the right place. Everyone was so friendly, smiley and professional. The clinic was bright and fun and had a great feel about it. For me it was a very uplifting experience, and it still is every time I walk in.”

Joe was certain that there was a structural issue in the shoulder despite the testing and medical input to date. He introduced Amelia to one of the UK’s top Rheumatology and Sports Medicine clinicians and the top UK shoulder consultant. The subsequent imaging and assessments they performed identified Amelia’s problem. After all the parties discussed Amelia’s situation, surgery was performed. Surgery is always a huge decision but in this case, it was the correct one. Following surgery, Joe worked on Amelia to help her regain movement in her shoulder and upper body while upstairs in the rehabilitation studio, Michelle worked to perfect Amelia’s movement pattern – and a killer new serve. This process took a couple of months – but that is how long it takes to establish lasting structural changes and improved movement pattern.

“The whole team at Beyond Health communicated brilliantly between themselves and with their network of consultants. Every practitioner I engaged with knew exactly where I was at with my shoulder so each delivered the right thing at the right time. 

Although Amelia was a ‘frequent flyer’ at Beyond Health we don’t see her much now. When we do she is skipping out of the gym downstairs where she has been working with personal trainer Matt Scott to build the strength and fitness required to stay injury free and perform at her best. This is a fantastic result for us. The team at Beyond Health fixed Amelia’s challenging, long term musculoskeletal problem, successfully reintroduced her back to the sport and activity she loves, and provided the opportunity for her to become fitter, stronger and better!

“I am delighted to say that my shoulder has improved, but more importantly  I can play tennis and serve again! While working with the Beyond Health team I have developed a greater understanding of how my body works, how it is all connected and that it needs maintenance! I now know that unless I do the regular conditioning, posture and mobility work I can’t expect to perform well on court. I also don’t need the physiotherapy!”