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Women’s Health Physiotherapy – Part 4 of 4

Women’s Health Physiotherapy – Part 4 of 4

Introducing Women’s Health Physiotherapy (and everything you ever need to know about Pelvic Floor Dysfunction) – Part 4 of 4

Christina Machray leads the Women’s Health service at Beyond Health and is delighted to welcome Clare Pacey to her team.

The combined services of Christina and Clare (including their extended consultant network) offer a truly comprehensive range of Women’s Health solutions for the female community of Parsons Green… and beyond. As a team they are dedicated to creating highly tailored treatments and restoration programmes designed to relieve discomfort and symptoms and to improve overall strength, stability, function, performance and confidence. For the long term.

Christina Machray christinamachray

Christina joined the team in 2012 and has extensive experience in the treatment of pre and post natal women with musculoskeletal and pelvic pain.

Christina regularly sees pelvic floor disorders at Beyond Health, not only in pre and post natal and menopausal women, but increasingly in women with rigorous fitness routines. It is quite common for women who run, do Crossfit or participate in boot camps to have very strong abdominals and a strong back but a weak pelvic floor. Despite working so hard, due to this muscle imbalance these women can often develop a dysfunction.

Christina recommends a coordinated, systematic approach to evaluating the underlying cause of any Women’s Health symptoms. She employs real time ultrasound for the assessment and training of abdominal and pelvic floor function. This diagnostic technique allows Christina to design customised and progressive rehabilitation plans. She is dedicated to guiding each women safely and effectively to optimal function and health.

Clare Pacey clarepacey

Clare is a clinically advanced Women’s Health Physiotherapist. She currently works as a senior therapist in the NHS at Imperial College Healthcare Trust. In addition to Beyond Health Clare also works with private patients at The Portland Hospital and the prestigious Lindo Wing where Prince George and Princess Charlotte were born.

Clare has extensive experience treating musculoskeletal pains and dysfunctions in the pre and post natal woman and in managing women with complex gynaecological needs including incontinence from the bladder or bowel, chronic pelvic pain and sexual dysfunctions. In the above specialist centers she has established excellent relationships with Obstetric and Gynaecology consultants assisting with care pathways for women’s care.

Beyondhealth’s Women’s Health Services

Ante Natal Services

Assessment and treatment of:

Exercise Advice and Guidance:
Maintaining fitness is extremely important for your health during pregnancy and can minimize the stress and impact of labour. We provide advice and guidance about exercise throughout the different stages of pregnancy. Our Women’s Health Physiotherapists will help you get the balance right – no matter what stage of pregnancy you are in.

Post Natal Services (no matter how long ago you gave birth)

Assessment and treatment of:

Post Natal ‘MOT’:

Gynaecological Services

Assessment and treatment of:

These issues can be experienced by women of all ages from adolescents to those going through or post menopause.

Clients also come to our Women’s Health Physiotherapists to:

Other treatment options such as acupuncture, lifestyle modification or an onward consultant referral may also be prescribed.

The Beyond Health Women’s Health team are dedicated to creating highly tailored treatments and restoration programmes designed to relieve discomfort and symptoms and to improve overall strength, stability, function, performance and confidence. The Women’s Health Services at Beyondhealth are highly confidential and our Physiotherapists respect the extremely sensitive nature of these problems and guarantee patient confidentiality and privacy at all times.

Being a woman is about many wonderful and selfless things but it is also about taking care of oneself – pelvic floor and all. Please take a look at “Beyond Health’s Lifestyle Rituals for a Healthy Pelvic Floor” which we hope will empower you to take your wellbeing into your own hands. And if you would like to read how Jill and other clients have found their experiences with our team please do check out the testimonials included on our website.


We hope you have found these articles both informative and enjoyable!

The Women’s Health team at Beyond Health x


Beyondhealth’s Lifestyle Rituals for a Healthy Pelvic Floor

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